Mega Alfalfa Argentina (MAA) is part of an organization deeply-rooted to Argentina and with a strong family spirit, integrated by constantly-evolving enterprises, which employ over 5600 people. Its objective is to reach a positive and long-term commercial development, built through passion and commitment, generating benefits for the community in a sustainable way.

MAA is a company with drive and perseverance that seeks to become a protagonist of the Argentinian agro-industry, adding value to the country’s production and garnering genuine job opportunities.

We believe that it is possible to positively transform our reality, investing in talent and Argentinian resources. This is our commitment.


Our mission is to produce and export alfalfa bales of superior quality for animal feed.

Our vision is to achieve a sustainable growth to supply the international demand.


We trust on the professional commitment of our team.This guarantees the superior quality and processes we promote within our organization.

We understand that transparency and communication are the essential values of business relationships.

We believe in honesty as the base for our activity.